Friday, July 08, 2005

Dead wrong

Well, it appears I was wrong on several counts. Madrid was not chosen for the 2012 Olympiad. And Madrid is no longer the latest martyred city. If I already had a twinge of guilt and insensitivity when I originally wrote that, the feeling was only heightened yesterday morning when I heard the terrible news from London. My feelings go out to all the people who are now suffering as a result of those attacks, as the circle of those touched by terrorism grows ever wider. When I put B. to bed tonight, I asked him if he had heard about the attacks and explained as best I could what I knew about them. He asked me who did it, and I said we don't know, but we have some theories as to who might have done it and why. He said, "Maybe they're jealous."

And I was wrong about the Egyptian ambassador, too. I have seen other articles about him since the other day, and no, we won't be hearing "Today is the __th day of captivity for Egyptian Ambassador Ihab al-Sharif."

If you'll allow me a little sarcasm even in the face of tragedy, I imagine many Britons were pleased to see PM Tony Blair return to London and to hear him speak, rather than wonder where he was all day, then find out later that he was jetting from one RAF base to another.


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