Wednesday, September 22, 2004

John Kerry's New York University speech

As I said a few weeks ago, this is the first election year in which I have made a contribution to a political campaign. Since then I have been receiving information by e-mail from the Democratic party. The latest one included the speech Senator Kerry gave at New York University.

I feel very strongly about the issues raised here, and I think it's important to share them with you. I think it's extremely important that as many people as possible read this, even - or especially - if they don't already agree with it. Indeed, if I were to send this post only to the circle of my acqaintainces who already agree with its contents, I would not be accomplishing much. Preaching to the converted, as the saying goes. So if you don't agree, that's fine. Please just read it. Preferably all of it. Then, please, tell me what you think

Living abroad has helped me understand that the United States is only one country among many. That the United States needs the support of other nations in the pursuit of its goals. That the United States cannot do whatever it wants whenever it wants and expect that everyone else will fall in line. I believe that "Nothing will hold us back" is no motto for a responsible, caring America.

Like a good novel, the speech gets off to a slow start, then suddenly gathers momentum and builds to a climax. I hope the same thing happens before Election Day, and that America will come to understand the truth about what is happening outside its borders and the image that America "enjoys" in the world today.



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